3D Rendering

3D renderings are getting more and more complex but also more and more necessary. For example for products which are fully developed but aren‘t produced yet, or to visualize complex issues: e.g. for upcoming exhibitions or other presentations.


With our partners in Asia and Europe and direct contact persons on site, we offer high-end 3D rendering at a fair price. For film productions as well as photography.

If you are interested, we would gladly put together individual examples and offers for you.


Video Box / Mini Studio

For a fast and easy video production we offer permanently installed „video boxes“ directly on site of your company. The benefit: current contents, topics or products easily produced right then and there. All settings like lighting, camera or sound will be set up beforehand and the only thing you have to do is push the button.

Once done the video footage will be uploaded to our servers and edited, scored and finalized by us. Embedded within your corporate identity your videos will get a fitted branding, text animations or graphic designs and can be downloaded directly from our servers – done.

If you are interested we will work on a concept with you (e.g. for a series). If needed we offer camera training as well as content development and seeding services.


Artist Management

With a good idea a brand or product will always sell well – that’s nothing new. Even better when you connect the idea with a brand ambassador. Here it‘s not important just to book any expensive „celebrity“ but to carefully select a believable and authentic character, of who you (maybe) haven’t even heard yet but does great things. Additionally a well-matched brand ambassador ensures distribution of content within their community.

If the ambassador is selected smartly and matches a product or service you get the communicational effect you’re after: large-scale distribution, great relevance, high impact.

For the cooperation with Mercedes-Benz and Burmester we have found such a „hidden champion“ and developed a truthful and believable story for both brands. The project was such a great success, new contents are already in the making.

With its own Artist Management sector ADFOX offers access to national and international „hidden champions“ in a wide range of areas.


Social Media / Seeding

A great film, message or design deserves recognition. But good content often „disappears“ from the world wide web. To prevent this from happening we work with bloggers, influencers and portals – aligned to the individual target groups – to ensure the videos and messages will be seen. With online views in the six-digit range within the first 48 hours, we make sure messages reach their intended goals.

If you are interested, we would gladly put together examples and offers for you.