Lifebond – Think outside the box

Lifebond is one of the pioneers of alternative capital investments in the secondary market of life insurance policies. For over 16 years, Lifebond connects the expertise of an established, experienced company with the mentality and innovation of a trailblazer. The change in the financial industry calls for investors to offer alternative solutions besides the mainstream of the banks.
The new corporate design with imagery, wording, look and feel aims to convey the alternative and innovative approach of Lifebond and to break with the usual advertising concepts of financial service providers.

To do that the corporate- and product structure was redefined strategically, contents and product portfolios were streamlined as well as the revision of the complete sales documentation.

Client: Lifebond
Services: Corporate Design, Markenstrategie, Fotografie (Planung, Durchführung, Composing) Webseite (Konzeption, Programmierung, CMS Schulung, Implementierung an CRM)